UI Tools: The All-In-One Interface Design Solution

Are you working on a new plugin?

Can you make it so UI Tools doesn’t open automatically when I open studio? I have it closed most of the time and it just opens up automatically and messes with my studio layout. Very frustrating especially cause I paid money for this plugin.

Extremely sorry for that. I’ve updated the plugin to address this issue.

can’t you using plugin:SetSetting() to detect if the player openned it before quitting studio to make it open or not when you rejoin?

The plugin is a nice concept; however, I feel like you’re pushing some boundaries here. For example, you added an Autoscale Plus feature (which is a paid version of Autoscale) into your plugin. From the looks of it, it seems like you’ve stolen the code and put it in as part of your own plugin. This may cause some issues especially if you don’t have the direct permission from the original owner.

Not only that, you also claimed that the plugin needs to make a request to api.aethereal.games for the class conversion feature to work. I know this is false because multiple other plugins have been able to do so without any external http request. One of them I’m going To use for example is the plugin called “uiDesign” by Stelrex. Now this raises the question, why does your plugin specifically requires users to allow access to making said request.

In the end, I believe the negative feedback on the community to your plugin have some things right in them. As much as a nice concept of a plugin this one has, it just seems to suspicious and sketchy for me to install.

The sole reason I mentioned AutoScale Plus in my topic is to compare it with my plugin. In the first place, why do you think I stole the code? The Fast Scale feature of my plugin works better and has more capabilities.

You can see it here:

The creator of Autoscale is free to check the source code or ask me to provide it.

I have to make an HTTP request for the class conversion feature work because it requires the Roblox API dump to get a list of properties and instances. This way, it also automatically supports new classes.

This is the latest API dump, for example.

I will request the API dump directly in the next update. The setup.rbxcdn.com domain should be more convincing.

This is the back-end code I use for the api.aethereal.games/roblox/api-dump/latest endpoint:

import axios from "axios";
import limit from "../../middleware/ratelimit.js";

export default function (server) {
  server.get("/roblox/api-dump/latest", limit(100, 60 * 5), async (req, res) => {
    try {
      const version = (await axios.get("https://setup.rbxcdn.com/versionQTStudio")).data;
      const data = (await axios.get(`https://setup.rbxcdn.com/${version}-API-Dump.json`)).data;

      res.set("Cache-Control", "public, max-age=3600, immutable");
      res.send({ success: true, data: { version: version, dump: data } });
    } catch (err) {
      res.status(500).json({ success: false, message: "Internal server error" });

You can do this without the API dump by manually listing all properties for every class, which is impractical. For example, when Roblox introduced the CanvasGroup instance, you would have had to add all its properties manually.

Since the update on 17th April, the dislike count has increased by a mere one dislike. I’m not entirely sure what negative feedback you are talking about.

Before, the dislike count was increasing at a slow but steady pace.

I also want to mention that the like-to-dislike ratio in the Creator Marketplace is incorrect. Right now, there are 120 likes versus 45 dislikes, which brings us to (120 / (120 + 45)) * 100, in other words, 72.73%. However, the Creator Marketplace says it’s 67%.


thank you!! it works perfectly now! I like how you are able to explain what the update is on the changelog before I install it, very nice

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Hello, May I ask If this plugin automatically scales depending on the ViewportSize changes? Because I’m planning to buy it right now so I was wondering If it includes the UI to scale in fit with different device

Are you talking about the ViewportSize property of the Camera instance? If so, I assure you that it calculates the scale based on this property if the element is not parented under a GuiObject.

Here’s how I’m getting the viewport size:

You can also notice that it’s checking if the parent is a ScrollingFrame, meaning that elements under it will scale correctly.

Padding is also taken into account.

I just noticed that your question can be interpreted differently. If you’re asking if this plugin has a scaling feature, my answer is yes. You can view an example here.

Suppose your question is if it will automatically run the scaling feature every time the ViewportSize property changes, then no. You only have to use it once. The easiest way is to select the LayerCollector (e.g. ScreenGui) that contains your UI and then use the Fast Scale option in UI Properties > Fast Scale.

I would save an unscaled version of the UI, though. This way, you can easily edit it without messing up the scaling.

Another tip I have, use the device emulation feature in Studio > Test > Device while making your UI. I’m using the 1080p screen size myself.

The screen size stays the same, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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I’m extremely appreciative of the information you’ve shared. The tool you’ve described is exactly what I’ve been in search of for months. The way it functions so seamlessly and the thoughtfully designed UI have me convinced that it’s the right choice. I’m excited to confirm my purchase for tomorrow.

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is there any updates still planned? i love this plugin and it makes my work easier. im asking because its been 3 months since the last update

I’m glad my plugin is helpful to you.

I have some things planned in mind, for example, remaking the Properties widget because I’m not satisfied with its current state. I want to improve its UX and make it much more usable.

I can’t longer find the time and motivation to work on new updates. That’s the reason you don’t hear anything about them lately.

This issue destroyed my passion for working on the icons update I promised.
Before writing this, I checked if the issue was still there, and I had no luck this time too.

This issue is not particularly related, but it’s making some plugin sales pend for months, if not forever.

I had finished uploading all icons from the Fluent Icons pack but realized that they don’t look good when you resize them. And most of the 16-pixel icons look bad since they don’t seem to support this specific size.

Here’s how some of the stroked 16px icons look like:

Some of the 16px filled icons had the same issue:

Larger icons don’t seem to have this issue, though. I have this video with a search bar and category prototypes:

If that had been all, I would have removed the 16-pixel icons and been left disappointed, but when I realized that they have these dark outlines when you resize them, I thought of re-uploading the entire pack. This batch went through my forked version of Pixelfix, so the process became automated. I also included 512x512 icons, so the total amount of uploaded icons was the same as before, now that I excluded 16-pixel icons.

I managed to upload 27K+ out of about 32K+ images (with approx. 30-50 moderated), as seen in this image:

I also wanted to upload other free icon packs, for example, the material icon pack. But I can’t do that anymore.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll abandon this plugin just yet. If I do, I want it to be in a condition where I’m satisfied with its looks and features.

About updates, it’s uncertain, but I’ll work on this plugin when I have the passion to. I know I will, but not when. That’s how it is with most of the updates for this plugin.


love this plugin, especially the fast scale its way better than Autoscale (i have both lite & pro and wasn’t satasfied) this is the best plugin i bought tbh


Why did you remove the auto position system. Like Left, Right, Down/Up and Center? I used that all the time. This plugin kinda sucks now without it. Also I used to be able to convert to scale/offset faster. Now I gotta select 2 tabs, just takes more time.

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I have a few questions regarding the new update:

  1. Why does it feel like a downgrade? As in I have to use the old open source version for the tools I want

  2. Why is the old version open source? I feel like it has a lot of value and considering I paid 500 robux for the plugin it should be available in some way for those who own it

  3. Did the new update include anything other than just the UI changes? Or is there anything new, just wondering since I’m using the open source version instead of the one I paid for

Anyways sorry if anything came out badly or rude, I understand you put a lot of time and effort into this plugin so keep at it and gl with everything else :+1:

Thanks for the feedback!

Your first question contradicts your third question, which implies that you haven’t checked the new version.

Yes, there’s more than the UI. Although nothing is entirely new, the tools have been upgraded and are more stable and allow more customizability than the old version’s tools. More importantly, the scaling functions are much better than the ones in the old version. I know that not all tools from the old version are in the new version, so I’m willing to bring them back, new and upgraded, if there’s a high demand for that.

As for your second question, I don’t remember the exact reason for open-sourcing the old version, but I currently see it as a “lite” version and a goal - to make people choose the paid version instead.

It’s certainly of value, but it loses it when not used by anybody. I could have integrated it into the new version, but that didn’t look “clean” to me.


Hey, everyone!

I want to announce some exciting stuff that will come out in the next update. I can’t promise when, though, lol.

But let’s talk about the present first. I want to show off the new plugin icon, which looks surprisingly well, even though it’s made by me, who sucks in this area of digital design.

Prepare your eyes to see the magnificent artwork of mine!!!

Seriously, though, I really like how it looks in the Creator Marketplace and the plugin homepage.

Here, it looks even better:

That new icon aside, the next update will include approximately 100K images from 3 icon packs. I don’t know the exact number of unique icons, but it’s about 100,000 / 7, where 7 is the number of size options.

So it’s about 14K icons of different styles - regular and filled for Fluent Icons and regular, sharp, round for Material Icons. I haven’t touched Material Symbols, so I’m unsure about them yet.

Have all of the icons gone through Pixelfix?! YEZZIR :sunglasses:

They are sourced from Microsoft’s Fluent Icons and Google’s Material Icons & Symbols libraries. I’m still in the process of uploading them, but I can say that I’m already about 50% done.

There’s the problem of moderated images, which I’m still not sure how to address. If you have an idea, I’ll happily listen.

The other part of this update will include a library of small scripts, mainly focused on scaling issues. I currently have solutions for 2 of them, which I’m using myself to scale scrollbars and fix the padding gaps that appear when using grid and list layouts by changing the canvas size.

Here’s what the padding issue looks like:


When fixed:


That’s about it - I want to focus on new features in this update and improve/redesign the existing ones sometime later.

I forgot to mention, but once I build a new computer, I’ll be able to capture my screen at a high framerate and edit videos without torturing the hell out of my PC.

Without a voiceover, unfortunately. I still have to buy proper peripherals.


Thanks for the reply, I understand and I’m looking forward to the latest update, good luck with everything!

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