Pending Robux Since 4 Months Ago

Since April 22nd, my pending Robux have been slowly increasing.

That does sound plausible, and that’s why it was only today that I got suspicious and decided to investigate my Sales of Goods on the transactions page.

I have found out that, occasionally, there are some pending sales from several months ago. The oldest pending sale I could find was made on April 22nd.

Isn’t that almost four months ago? After searching for information about the time it takes to process pending Robux, the maximum pending period is 30 days.

This started happening soon after I changed the price of the asset I was selling, a plugin.

I’ve counted 77 pending sales made before July 12th, which is 30 days ago from this point in time. That means I’m missing 26,950 Robux.

There’s a chance that these sales will stop pending someday, but that does not help the situation.

I would appreciate any help on this matter. I haven’t contacted Roblox Support yet. I’ll do it if this post does not help.


as far as i know, reaching out to support is the best approach for having your problem solved.


Hey, thanks for replying. Just made a support ticket a few minutes ago. I’ll post an update once I receive a response. I hope I do.


I’ve got a response relatively quickly. At about 3 AM, to be exact. They start by explaining what pending Robux are and that the Robux will appear in my balance after the holding period is over.

They also say: “Release of pending Robux to the seller account is subject to transaction status. If the transaction fails for some reason, the concerned sale will be rolled back.”

And “The amount of time needed for the pending Robux to be credited to your account can vary depending on the type of transaction and account.”

In the last paragraph, they say: “We understand that it can be frustrating to wait and we appreciate your patience, understanding, and feedback on improving this process in the future.”

I have decent patience. I can wait until the Robux pending period is over. But it’s frustrating that I don’t even know if the Robux will ever stop pending. I’ve never heard of very long holding periods, like 4 months.

They also mention: “We are not able to make any changes to the time period or provide specifics on when the time period will end for your pending Robux, in order to ensure the integrity of the process.”

That means that sending a reply won’t get me anywhere. I’m also too lazy to do it… lol.

Anyway, I feel like the main point I made in my support ticket was ignored. Maybe it’s my fault because I started it with that I have an issue with my pending Robux. I should have asked if it’s normal to have such long holding periods. I don’t feel like making a new support ticket, though.

I’ll just stay passive for now.


I just checked my sales and I seem to be having the exact same problem.
Looks like this might be a more widespread issue.

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Same with me but only 49 days.


This is off topic but i had the same issue with support. They are just saying that you have to wait and they can’t do anything about it.

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I have the exact same issue. I have sales that go as far back as early May. There’s another issue related to this in which I added up all my sales and the amount was far less than my pending robux. It seems that all the sales that are taking forever to pend are no longer included in my pending balance, even though the individual items still clearly show as pending in sales of goods.

I tried reaching out to support multiple times about this and they basically ignored the question as you said and just explained what pending robux and how the time can vary. So at this point it’s basically just robux down the drain since support won’t help and the robux are showing no sign of ever coming through.