UI turns invisible if it isnt in region of parent

So i went to work on my game today but this bug hapened out of nowhere and i cant find a fix.
the ui worked yesterday and im wondering if its a new update and if so how do i fix it.

These are pictures of what shows whats happening

Object fully on parent:

Object half on parent:

Onject not on parent:

all help appreciated

Turn off ClipsDescendants on the parent UI.

Edit: Actually, the issue you have, is it that your UI isn’t showing when moving out or is it that it is moving out?

When this element is not on the parent have you resized the window by any chance?
If you have set the element’s position by offset then it will end up pushing it off the parent.
If this is the case then you only need to set the position by scale, and to keep it centered I recommend moving the anchor point for x to 0.5

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thanks im sorry if i wasted your time i didnt even realise that was a feature on roblox i must of accidently turned it on

No worries! It’s not like it wasted a lot of my “oh so precious” time :smile:

ClipsDescendants is a very good tool for making UI, it is often very helpful, but might sometimes cause issues such as this! Best of luck on your development endeavors!

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