UIAspectRatioConstraint & BillboardGuis bugged on mobile

On iphone 7plus:

(after a second of joining, the joining text flickers for the remainder of the loading time)
(my custom play button never flickers or even shows up)
(the billboardguis flicker like the first one)

What it’s supposed to look like: (screenshots from windows 10)

Started noticing this bug a few weeks ago.

Place tested:

This is still unresolved. Please just join the game on mobile (I have iphone 7 plus) and look at something like the green play button. There’s no text on it.

What it should look like (this is on pc)

This is what the button’s hierarchy looks like.

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I am also having a similar issue. In studio emulating a normal (not plus sized) iPhone 7 with Actual Resolution setting:

but on my actual iPhone 7 (look towards the top bar)

I’m not using an AspectRatio constraint here though, just a UITextSize constraint. Seems like the emulated UI isn’t very reliable.

Maybe roblox messes up constraints on text when on the iphone 7? (I think it has unique resolution scaling)

pinging @Tiffblocks

Upon investigating further, it doesn’t seem to be a constraint object issue at all: rather TextService:GetTextSize() is returning a value with a difference of one pixel on the emulator vs my phone.

I’ll try to create a separate post with a repro in a bit but my issue is probably separate from Mael’s.

Edit: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/textservice-gettextsize-returns-different-values-from-emulator-versus-online/276756