Uiblox.roblox.com errors out

UIBlox Web, instead of showing you beautiful examples of how a well-made UI looks, greets you with an SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP error code and a try again button.

I have no idea when this started happening. I found out about it on August 31st and have been losing sleep since.

Reproduction Steps


Been experiencing this error as well, just wasn’t able to create a bug report. Same thing occurs on Windows, Mac, any browser… There is no bypassing it!

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Hope they fix this asap…

IE11 can’t save us


Archive.org doesn’t load it either. The sidebar shows up, but the content loads forever.

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Hi @INDBRO_San, thanks for the bug report! We’re renaming UIBlox Web to WebBlox. Please see the new website at https://webblox.roblox.com. We’re working on a redirect from the old URL to the new one :slightly_smiling_face:


Kind of an unintuitive change but hey it will now be so much easier to explain the difference between the two to someone. On the topic of WebBlox though, will the figma library become public at some point in time in the future?

We do not intend on making the library public at this time. This change was done as part of an internal rebranding exercise.

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Will love to understand how you use uiblox.roblox.com; It’ll help us understand and prioritize your use case.