UIFlexItem only works in Studio Test Play

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Hello Developers,

I’m encountering an issue where UIFlexItem works correctly in Test Play but fails in Play Mode, behaving as if it’s not recognized. Additionally, I’m unable to post this and other issues in the Bug Reports section of the forum.

Could anyone assist with:

  1. Resolving the UIFlexItem malfunction in Play Mode?
  2. Gaining access to the Bug Reports section?

Thanks for your help,

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UIFlexItem is not enabled in live places yet, so this is intentional. I’m not sure when it will be enabled.

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UIFlexItem, as well as a variety of other UI things, are currently a beta only thing, exclusive to Studio. You’ll just have to wait until they are fully released, or you can try to write some code that mimics access to it.


I can’t name any other Beta Feature that is not currently enabled in live places.
Where could I read more about UIFlexItem’s current state and when it goes live?

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