UIGradient acting odd with Transparency set to certain values

Hello everybody! It’s me, after having robust issues with UIGradients. I don’t know whether it has the functionality that I don’t seem to use correctly or it gets out of hand. Therefore, I’ll be asking here what’s wrong with what I’m doing.

The following images demonstrate a frame with a UIGradient object whose properties will remain the same at all-time. The rotation is 90 degrees, and there’s no offset. This is transparency. The time and value values of the point at the peak are each 1.


NumberSequence for transparency behaves different when I adjust the client size.

Above is the expected behavior.

But when I change the client screen size, it happens.

Furthermore, even now, it has an attitude I would never expect. The rotation and offset properties never changed. The left-bottom side of the frame seems more opaque.

What do you guys think about the situation? Would it be potentially a bug, huh?