UIGradient flickering when changing offset in script?

I am attempting to make a simple loading logo for my game but for some reason when I change the gradient with my code below it flickers as shown in the video I attached.

NOTE: I also tried tweening the logo with tween service and also get the same result. I also tried restarting studio but to no avail.


here is the code

        for i = 0,500,1 do
            StartupUI.Loading.Logo.UIGradient.Offset = Vector2.new(0, i / 500)
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Is this in studio? If so, try it using the Roblox Player.

Just checked, It happens in the roblox player also.

I think it may have to do with the Gradient’s rotation. I ran into the same problem and changing my gradient’s rotation to 0 fixes it. Roblox should really fix this, there seems to be a lot of bugs involving rotated images/gradients that Roblox is aware of and never pushes any fixes.



It has happened to me a few minutes ago, but I can’t really rotate my gradient back to 0 in my case, it would ruin the effect I’m trying to achieve.

Roblox should definitely address this issue

still an issue 2 years later lol, I wish they would go back and fix their features rather than spend all their time making new ones. :person_facepalming: