UIGradient not working?

Hi. I am using UIGradients in my GUI. However, sometimes on various screen sizes the gradient just doesn’t work. It acts like if it was never here - the frame looks normal. I tried searching for solution but found nothing. Is this an engine bug? How am I supposed to deal with this?

Here’s a picture. The frames with 1 and 2 have exactly same UIGradients in them and they’re exactly same size. However, the gradient doesn’t seem to work on frame 2.

did you change the background color or other properties in the frame since it may affect the gradient

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Make sure that the UIGradient is enabled. Idk that’s all I have to say

Yeah. There’s no actual differences between the two frames. And yes, UIGradient is enabled.

Also the gradient works on other screen sizes in the emulator but doesn’t work on this exact one (1920x1080)

Ah yes, it was just some bugs with the number sequence.