UI/GUI designer for hire!

hi i am upcoming ui/gui designer. i do not make them in roblox studio, i am using gimp

i am gonna do some requests for free bcs i am newbie and not that exprianced (depends on a project)

Heres my first work.

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i am taking logo requests too!!

You would need to make them in Studio, or else these are just images.

you can upload it as a decal and then script on it?? or i am wrong

I mean you could, but you need to take into consideration, scaling on different screen sizes, like phones, tablets, monitors, etc.

You should try to remake what you made on roblox instead

hmm ig ill start working on logos then

If you do decide you are wanting to do designs for GUIs in studio I could use some and would pay for them.

hmm i need to learn how to make in studio

You don’t need to make them in Studio. There are some really great UI/GUI designers that just send the images over. Just keep improving!

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UI designers who know how to scale the UI assets properly in studio can get paid much more if the person hiring them needs that done too.
It’s a very good way to get ahead of the very little competition too. I don’t know many graphic designers who spend time designing U specifically for Roblox games and being able to recreate those in proper manner. That would come in very handy tbh.

Ex: the UI designer can design the UI with spritesheets in mind and knows how to place it correctly in studio. That’s very handy for the person hiring the UI designer.

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