UiList Layout problem

So I want my text buttons to make a new lne of button when they have reached to end of the scrolling frame can someone help me with that?

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So you want when a person clicks the text button it makes an new line at the bottom of a scrolling frame?

no when I duplicate the text button it will form a line but I want it to make a new layer when the end is reached

I don’t think I understand do you have a visual representation?

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like this picture _______________________

So when you click it then a new square will form and a new line will start because it reached the end? I would use a grid layout from the look of that

no buttons was just for information a listlayout nothing in the game just in studio

when I duplicate a butten or whatever I have it will duplicate to the right because of the list layout but when it gets to the end of the frame it will go down and start a neww line like in the picture above

Try UIGridLayout.

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