UIListLayout AbsoluteContentSize not firing change events in Lua

Th following file can be used to reproduce all behavior described in this bug report: repro.rbxl (14.9 KB)

Pinging @Tiffblocks

UIListLayout’s AbsoluteContentSize property does not fire any sort of change events in Lua. Neither UIListLayout.Changed, or UIListLayout:GetPropertyChangedSignal(“AbsoluteContentSize”) pick up on changes to AbsoluteContentSize.

Repro Steps:

  1. Load the repro file in Play Solo
  2. Note that the AbsoluteContentSize is currently 0,0
  3. Insert a Frame from Advanced Objects into the UIListLayout’s parent. The UIListLayout’s AbsoluteContentSize is now 100,100, but neither changed event fired and printed to the output
  4. Change any other property of the UIListLayout (e.g. HorizontalAlignment) and note that the change is printed to the output. Only AbsoluteContentSize is broken.

I’ve had some problems with this too, I’ve already pinged tiffblocks, hopefully it’ll be resolved soon :slight_smile:

I also saw this with UIGridLayout

We have a change that @Tiffblocks made that should ship soon (next week or two hopefully)


I have a change to make AbsoluteContentSize a “real” property that fires changed events. Before, it was computed every time you accessed it, like Mouse.Hit.


This fix has been enabled for a while, I forgot to make a post for it.


This seems to be happening once again with one of my ScrollingFrames, it’s definitely changing but not firing:

    print("checking to see if this fires") -- never prints yet the AbsoluteContentSize in explorer changes
	ScrollingFrame.CanvasSize = UDim2.new(number, number, number, number)

You should have posted a new topic. This is a new issue that is unrelated to the original topic of this thread, and is 4 years old.

Can you provide a place file that reproduces the issue you’re seeing? An incomplete code snippet alone isn’t very helpful.

I’d also recommend switching to use the new AutomaticCanvasSize property instead of setting it manually via a script.

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Hi, I actually have AutomaticCanvasSize on and it’s still not working.
I would have of course posted a new topic, but I am unable to and this was the most relevant existing one, I’m sorry if it’s not related, my bad.

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