UIListLayout in SurfaceGUIs preventing GUI objects from showing on PC

Hello fellow devs! First post here. Been having this issue for months now and finally can post about it somewhere.

In my game, I have a physical leaderboard area that shows a list of top players. I used a UIListLayout object to sort each player’s frame. However, PC users (Windows, not Mac, to clarify) on my game have been notifying me that the leaderboards do not show up for them.

On PC:

On iOS: (Ignore potato quality)

On Mac:

The leaderboards show up fine on Mac and iOS (I do not own an Android device or Xbox One console, so I cannot attest for those two devices).

To (sort of) prevent voluntary response bias, I also showed up in-game and asked players if the leaderboard showed for them and what platform they were on instead of just relying on players messaging me about the problem.

Results from players are consistent every single time: all PC users cannot view the leaderboard, all Mac and iOS users can

Things I have tried:

  • Changing SurfaceGUI’s parent part’s transparency back to 0 (read about some SurfaceGUI rendering issues on semi-transparent parts)
  • Rotating the part upright (in case it was some kind of weird tilting issue, idk i was desperate)
  • Changing the way the frames were parented

Ultimately, when I removed the UIListLayout and reverted back to manually scripting the positions of each frame, would the leaderboard show up properly on PC. This is currently what I am doing to solve this issue; however, this completely defeats the purpose of having the UIListLayout object as a feature.

Not really sure what else to say about this, what do you guys think? If you have any similar issues in your game/build, please do comment with a picture of it happening for more evidence.

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This will hopefully be fixed by an upcoming change. The reproduction for it has always been really inconsistent, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s the same issue as what you’ve been experiencing. Can you provide a place or model which is easy to open in studio and reproduce?

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Link to un-copylocked place

Screenshot on PC:

On iOS:

On Mac:

Hope this helps.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.

I’ve also noticed that this happens in BillboardGuis.

I tested with my change and it fixes the issue. It’s the same change as the one I described in this post: Upcoming changes to BillboardGui and SurfaceGui

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So this fix is going live on August 9th? I am running into the same issue.


I’ve found that using UIGridLayout with FillDirectionMaxCells set to 1 as an alternative works for now if you want to do that (unless you need the list to have different sized GUI objects)

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