UIListLayout prevents scaling in children of ScrollingFrames when changing CanvasSize property

When you put a UIListLayout constraint in a ScrollingFrame, children do not update size when you edit the CanvasSize.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Insert a ScrollingFrame instance into your StarterGui
  2. Insert a UIListLayout into the ScrollingFrame
  3. Insert a Frame instance into the ScrollingFrame
  4. Make the Frame Scale-only (i.e. UDim2.new(.2, 0, .2, 0) )
  5. Adjust the CanvasSize property of the ScrollingFrame
  6. Note that the child does not update its scaled size to respect new CanvasSize

Bug Result: Children with scale-only size do not update when their parent ScrollingFrame with a UIListLayout changes its CanvasSize property
Expected Result: Children update their size when CanvasSize changes in a ScrollingFrame with a UIListLayout