UIListLayout problem, new components spawn on top. Undo made the GUI completely upside down

Hello developers!
I am making a list for all of my admin commands (Specific one I made), and I encountered an issue with the UIListLayout.
I was editing the GUI normally, but when I reopened the studio (a few days after I made the GUI), the labels switched directions, it is now upside-down.
Every new label that I added spawned on the top of the GUI instead of the bottom, I tried to make a new UIListLayout, but that messed it up, so I clicked on Control Z (Undo) and now my complete GUI is completely upside-down, and new labels spawn on the bottom (the normal direction).
I didn’t find anything related in the developer forum.

I don’t know if that’s related but I was using RichText Beta

Thanks to everyone that responds :slight_smile:

GUI being upside down:

I wasn’t able to undo my GUI to show that new labels spawn on top, but that’s exactly how it sounds like

P.S. Is it the right category for such questions? if not, what category should I move this to?

You need to change the LayoutOrder property to keep your GuiObjects in order when using UIGridStyleLayouts.

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Thanks :slight_smile:, I’ll try that when I am on my computer.

Note, lower the number means it will show up first.

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I tried to change the LayoutOrder of the frame, it didn’t change anything, it was 0 in the beginning.

Change the LayoutOrder or the individual GUIObjects.


Thanks, but is there a way to change the order completely (invert the direction)? Because I didn’t set it before and it was fine until now.

If the LayoutOrder property of all objects is set to 0, it is based on the order the elements are added in.

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I did order them and it was completely fine, until one time it switched.

You would have to set the LayoutOrder property of all of the GuiObjects to prevent it from happening again.

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