UIListLayout with ScrollFrame Not Working Properly

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I am trying to make it so there isn’t a bunch of blank space at the bottom of the scrolling frame.

  2. What is the issue?
    When I have the UIListLayout set to fill from the Bottom in a Scrolling frame, once multiple things of TextLabels are added it adds blank useless space at the bottom.


  1. What solutions have you tried so far?
  • Yes I have tried looking for solutions but the only thing I found was an Engine Bug report from a year ago.
  • I have set the automatic Canvas Size to Y
  • I have set the default Canvas Size to 0

Just discovered that apparently, it will only display a maximum of 5 messages, but the scroll bar still updates as if there are more. This may be a simple fix but I still am unsure what would be causing this.

Automatic canvas size is really unreliable. You should instead have your script increase the canvas size for each message that is added.

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This is what I am probably going to end up doing as it will probably improve overall player interaction.

Are you using CanvasGroup? If so, remove it, since it’s buggier than it’s worth.

These values are correct. I can see you are using a frame for your messages. However, you’re also using a UIListLayout. I don’t see any issue so far.

What’s inside the frame named “Message”?

Its just a Text Label in the Frame. Also Canvas Group is disabled already.

I’m having this same problem. Did you ever end up finding a solution, or did you end up going with what @Nightfall_Intuition suggested?