UIPadding Changes Size and Position Bug

Seeing as my UICorner bug was fixed super fast earlier, I’ve decided to make another post that has effected me for the past few months.

When you duplicate any Frame/ScreenGui that has UIPadding in it or copy and paste a ScreenGui that has UIPadding in it, the original size shrinks and the positions move.

I have reset Studio before to try to fix it but it doesn’t work. I have provided some gifs that show the bug.


My Mac Specs:

Hi @chenami - thank you for the report! Just curious, were you opted into the Automatic Size beta when you first observed this issue?

I’ve filed a ticket to investigate.


I do not have the Automatic Size beta enabled. Also, this has been an issue for around a month or so (which is when I started using UIPadding), I think I used it before but this was an issue so I stopped using it. Also, another issue related to this is if you Save the File of the ScreenGui and send it to someone else, and they open it via Insert from File (rbxm), the UIPadding also shrinks in size and position unless you send them the file via rbxl, but regardless, if you’re working and you want to duplicate a Frame, etc. anything with UIPadding, it’ll shrink.