UIPageLayout not working

So, i’m making a choosing UI for a game and the UIPageLayout:Next() and UIPageLayout:Previous(), are not working, now i red a forum before posting that it was a internal studio bug but it has been send from october 21 and im curious if it got fixed because i need it here is my script tho

Frame.Name = index
table.insert(frames, Frame)
index = index + 1

and i really need a script to make this go, thanks

A couple of months ago I tried the UIPageLayout in a project, both UIPageLayout:Next() and UIPageLayout:Previous(), did work, but I perfectly remember that an event or something related with UIPageLayout was not working at all, and its stated on some topics in DevForum, a very useful function I wanted to use…

Honestly at the end, I realized that I hate UIPageLayout… it became totally useless for me, cause the same and even better behavior and effects can be done by just using Frames, Tweens and a proper approach to create a Catalog.

My suggestion would be, get rid of the UIPage, and just build your own custom CatalogPage system

i made it work, so the part was in a server script, but i made it work by putting a localscript in side the Frame and enabling it through the server script!

Ok… as I said both UIPageLayout:Next(), UIPageLayout:Previous() works!. I just suggested not using UIPageLayout cause correct using of frames etc can achieve better effects haha, good you found how to use Next and Previous… xD

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