UIPageLayout reacts to Gamepad Input when set to False

When using the page system for the backpack in my game, specific slots (each page has a UIGridLayout that orders the items) will cause the page to change, making it impossible to select some items. This first appeared about five months ago, but I was able to fix it then by making each page that isn’t on screen invisible. After about a month ago, the page system was acting up again, and the problem was caused by my fix for the first time it was buggy. I stopped making pages invisible, and it started working again, but the old bug that caused the pages to change with gamepad input (set to false) came back.

Try making a page system that has a grid of buttons on each page (using a UIGridLayout) and set the page’s “GamepadInputEnabled” property to false. In my case, this still allows the pages to change with the gamepad.


This behavior is still occurring.
The ScrollWheelInputEnabled and TouchInputEnabled settings seem to work.

See the gif below. I am using a controller.

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Still occurring, sadly.
Same issues as before.


It can really make some games annoying to play with a gamepad. Often times even making some features break entirely.

Did you ever find a workaround for this issue?