UIPageLayout's pages stick out of the frame they are in

As you can see on the image below, my UIPageLayout has four pages, the problem is that all the pages are visible at once causing some to stick out of the frame they are in.
The second image is the expected behaviour, as you can see, the pages on the edges are only partially visible and therefore not sticking out like mine do. The pages sort of hide behind an invisible wall when they go outside of the frame, how would I achieve this?

EDIT: Pretty sure the last image isn’t actually a UIPageLayout but a UIGrid/ListLayout, but I hope you still understand what I’m trying to do…

Equip the frame where the UIPageLayout is in. After that press “ClipsDescendants” with value = True.

That should Fix it

More information:
:link: GuiObject.ClipsDescendants

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Oh, thank you!
I tried every property of the UIPageLayout but didn’t think it could have something to do with the frame :slight_smile: