UIs input isTyping event

Script itself is local. So the main problem is that it completely refuses to work if using isTyping before input.KeyCode, removing it makes it work, what the problem could be in? Local script parented to starterplayer.

	if isTyping then return end
	if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.G then

What are your intentions here? gameProcessed (in your case, isTyping) is a boolean to determine whether the engine has processed the input, or if the script requires to handle it.

If by isTyping you mean whether the player is currently typing on a TextBox, put the script in said TextBox instead.

Oh wait, it works the other way, why did I post this?

Alright, ignore what I said, what are your intentions here?

Whenever player typing something in the textbox and using G keycode, the rest of script wouldn’t run until player stops using chat.


Mine seem to work, I don’t know about yours?

Nope, it doesn’t at all. Not matter which one chatservice.

Maybe a video of what you’re trying to do can help? So I can check exactly what you’re doing and why it is not working.