UIScale not working with ImageLabel.Slice

I am using UIScale to add a zooming feature to my plugin. When zoomed out this is what an image looks like without 9-Slice.

With 9-Slice the same image looks like this:

It’s edge gets cut off and the bottom looks weird. Is this a bug or is there a way to fix this.

For reference, here is also what the 9-Slice image looks like with a normal zoom:


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I don’t think you need 9-slice, simply make the thing offset because if it doesn’t fit the screen they can zoom out

I can’t seem to reproduce it, could it maybe that you didn’t configure the 9-Slice property correctly?
0.5x Scale
1x Scale
1.5x Scale

Could you send the Properties you set for the 9-Slice?

I have no idea what this means. I am using 9-Slice because the nodes can have different sizes.


The image is 150x40

I should mention, this UIScale is not inside the image. It is inside the parent frame.

Mind also sending the Image ID that I can test it out myself?

This is the image I tried it out with:
Rectangle 1 (300x300 px)
And this is my SliceCenter Configuration and it works fine:

I don’t think that’s how 9-Slice works? You set the min and max bounds to the same coordinate.

My bad, fixed it. But even after fixing it, it works fine on my side.

My only guess is that you set the properties wrong.

You are using a UIScale object in the image’s parent?

It was parented to ScreenGui, but parenting it to the Frame Instance worked as well, and it was not cutting off randomly for me.

Oops, accidently clicked solution. Maybe use an ImageButton like I am?

I was doing that from the start.

Could you send the Image ID so I can try to replicate this issue myself?

The image ID is mine though, I don’t think you can use it. 4642186292

Yeah, my guess was right. Your SliceCenter Property is configured wrongly, which causes the cut-off on the right side. Try setting it to 10, 10, 130, 30 and tell me the new results. (Issue was that you put at the 3rd number the total image width, which means you wanted to slice it at the end of the image, not right before the corners)

Yes, this worked. I thought the image was 150 pixels in width but I guess I was wrong. Thanks!