[UK] Community Guidelines



All members are required to obey Roblox rules and guidelines which can be found at the link below. However, we also touch on some points that we feel are important.

By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that you, the user, are responsible for anything done on your account. And if you were to get compromised in anyway, or if you were to supposedly breach the code of conduct, we reserve the right to eject you from the UK, and restrict access to all our games if necessary.

The following actions won’t/will not be tolerated and if caught, you will receive a penalty:

⋅ Constant negative or random insults towards a user.
⋅ Name calling with the intent to hurt a user’s feelings.
⋅ Toxicity towards a group/competing group in our genre.
⋅ False accusations made with the intent to harm someone’s reputation.
⋅ Jokes that directly target someone’s way of life, appearance or personality.
⋅ Threats to invoke an attack on someone’s network or computer system.
⋅ Removal of someone’s job within roleplay based on a minor mistake made by the someone.
⋅ Removal of someone’s job within roleplay based on biased reasons or for no reason at all.
⋅ Exploitation of any of the UK Roblox places, whether that be through an external program or through an ingame bug that hasn’t been fixed yet.

In order for your case to be heard by the Committee Against Toxic Behaviour, you must bring your case before a committee member, along with evidence of the rule broken. If the rule in question is also a rule on Roblox’s own community guidelines, please do not hesitate to report them using their own ingame system, before sending it to us for further consultation. The member will then convene with the committee and produce a ruling.

When toxic behavior is reported their case will go in front of the Committee Against Toxic Behaviour (CATB) and they will make a ruling based on the evidence provided. Rulings must reach a simple majority or the accused is to be declared not guilty. If the accused is found guilty the committee will determine the fate of the offender. Punishments can include but is not limited to: temporary bans, removal from job(s), and group expulsion (Put in HM Prison Service and banned from all group games and other UK related services). All punishments must be approved by His Majesty The King before being carried out.

The Committee Against Toxic Behaviour (CATB) will consist of 8 members. His Majesty The King shall be the chairman of the committee and shall not participate in ruling or punishments. Fixed positions include: the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Lord-President of the Administration Committee, and the Lord-President of the Privy Council. Remaining seats can be filled by those who receive the most nominations when a seat is open. You can nominate someone by sending a Private Message on ROBLOX to His Majesty The King with the title “Nomination for CATB” and message “I, (username), nominate (username) for the Committee Against Toxic Behaviour.”