UK:RP Greenshire

Welcome to UK:RP Greenshire by GP

UK:RP Greenshire is a small roleplay game based in in the United Kingdom, based on fake towns. Here, you can explore our amazing map, drive our vast selection of vehicles, commit a crime or sign up to be a police officer and stop crime!

Civilian, police, paramedic, firefighter, council worker and more – choose your path in UK:RP Greenshire! Act hero or rebel, the adventure awaits!

Useful Resources

Encounter a rule-breaker? Run !help <reason> to call a moderator.

[1] No FRP

[2] Do not kill players within safezones and adhere to peacetime.

[3] Do not RDM or VDM under any circumstances
Do not kill users or drive into them out of RP or for no reason.

[4] Drive realistically at all times.
Do not ram other vehicles out of RP.

[5] No unrealistic avatars
You must have an avatar that looks like a person.

[6] No exploiting, cheating or glitching.
Any form of exploiting, cheating of glitching is strictly prohibited.

[7] Do not leave when arrested or confronted by an admin.
This includes but is not limited to leaving while being chased by police or when an admin confronts you for a rule violation.

[8] Adhere to the NLR, do not Metagame
You should not return to a scene if you have died, unless you have a valid reason. Metagaming is using information you obtained outside of the game within a RP.

[9] Do not tool abuse
You should not abuse your tools or use them in an unrealistic way at all times.

[10] No alts
If you use an alternate account on the game, all of your accounts will be banned.

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