Ultimate Guide for a Dev-Forum Portfolio

Have you ever thought about making a Dev-Forum Portfolio? Are you planning too? Well in this guide we will be going over all the tips and tricks about how to get your Dev-Forum Portfolio to the top.
A little bit about myself first, I am known as ChronicBuilder and have been on the platform for 8 years, and activity building for 4 years. My Dev-Forum Portfolio has over 5k Views and over 100 likes and keeps climbing every day. Now onto the guide:

My Portfolio: ChronicBuilder - Builder /// Environmental and Map Builder - #3 by JamienChee

Tip #1: Formulate what you are marketing/offering

What this means is you want to know what you are offering to the community. Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • “What am I offering?”
  • “What unique attributes am I bringing to the table?”
  • “What is the competition like with people in my area of skill?”
  • “What will make me stand out?”
    Asking yourself simple questions like this will really break down what you need to include in your portfolio.

Tip #2: Be Humble and Modest

This is probably one of the most important tips on this guide. You should never be overly confident and include things in your portfolio like: “I am the best builder on Roblox”, “I am super known and am a godly builder”. It’s just unattractive because that’s how you see yourself, not how other people see you so it’s important to put yourself in other people’s shoes and keep what you’re saying humble, modest, and straight forward instead of overly confident because as seen on some posts, the backlash can be pretty bad.

Tip #3: Branding yourself and Portfolio appeals

  • What this means is creating a name for yourself, and making your portfolio all pretty. Now it doesn’t sound like a big deal but when its all formatted nicely and has nice icons its much more appealing to look at. Now not everyone can afford to pay for icons, and what not so the next step is fully utilizing the Dev-Forums edit capabilities and shortcuts which can be found here:
    And some example icons can be found in my portfolio linked at the start of the guide for examples as well as the person who made them.

Tip #4: What to include on your Portfolio

You should have 4 main sections:

  • About me: You’re about me section should highlight how long you have been doing your profession, what you specialize in, a couple of people you have worked for if it’s worth noting, your time zone, and your availability. How in-depth you go is up to you but like I said before make sure to STAY humble.

  • My Work: This section is all for the screenshots of your work, your UI examples, and or scripting examples. If you are a builder like me make sure your screenshots have good lighting in them, are clear of any disruptions like a blue selecting box or a mouse icon. If you are a scripter having videos, and linked places are also super beneficial for people to see at first glance.

  • Payment: This will be where you decide if you want to make your rates public or not, or if you want to take it to a private chat. In this section, you will have to market yourself similar to how you did in your “About me” section. You can include things like “Commissiong me will guarantee… so and so.” And if for any reason you do include your prices make sure to be confident about what you are setting them too, and it’s always helpful to say “These prices are negotiable”.

  • Contacts: Lastly is your contact information, pretty straight forward. People usually prefer discord so link your Discord tag, your twitter if you have one, and or say that you can private message me over the forums!

I hope this was helpful if you want to see anything added or if you have any questions feel free to ask! Make sure to share and like this with friends and peers, hope this helps you get your first portfolio out!


You’re not wrong, this really is the Ultimate Guide! Great job, I can’t wait to use this when I decide to make my own portfolio on the DevForum.

P.S. What font did you use for the graphic at the top? It looks sooooo sleek.

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Thanks, glad to hear it! And my icons, and banner and all that were made by @ZiggiousZaggious so you gotta ask him!

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Great guide man, appreciate you allowing the community to see something from a professional Developer such as yourself.

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WOW, this was really helpful and necessary for those new to the developer forum. I’ll definitely be flagging this for future reference!


Awesome! I’m really glad to help.

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But why will you flag it? This is the best tutorial ever!


I think she meant bookmark haha

I think thats what she meant! Bookmarking it haha


Great job mate! This will really help future developer portfolios understand what they should have.


Ooppppsss- I meant bookmark haha my bad.


Great post! Many people are looking forward to making great portfolios because of your help!

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what are the odds me making a portfolio and this shows up

good guide!

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Can’t wait to see how yours comes out!

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Very well thought out post, I know many people have problems when putting a portfolio not from the level of their skill but mostly from their inexperience to market themselves.

Portfolios on Roblox are essentially your resume, you have to market your self and it is key that you do it correctly.

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Really great guide! I’ve seen way to many portfolios that just say:
I can do this, hire me! I think that everyone should look through this before writing their portfolio! I do recommend creating your own portfolio with Wix, a free website builder. This gives portfolios an extra edge with a lot of new possibilities that aren’t on the DevForum, in my opinion. Overall, great tutorial!


Thanks! And yeah I thought it was time a good guide was put out there!

Really great advice! I finally updated my portfolio! any suggestions on what I could change/improve! [open] builder portfolio [for hire] - Collaboration / Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum


Thanks for your guide. I have just a little question. when we are creating our Portfolio, Can i add my games and groups on my Portfolio??