How to price and market you things as a Builder // ChronicBuilder

Hey! Are you a builder and looking for how to market and price your builds, maps, models, or anything you specialize in? Well in this quick guide I will be going over some things that can give you some pointers on how to do this. If you haven’t seen my last guide it goes over how to create the ultimate dev-forum portfolio, so this guide and that guide correlate over with each other. That guide can be found below!

A little bit about myself first, I am known as ChronicBuilder and have been on the platform for 8 years, and activity building for 4 years I have been developing for some pretty big names which can be found in my portfolio below. My Dev-Forum Portfolio has over 6k Views and over 100 likes and keeps climbing every day. Now onto the guide:

Tip #1: Evaluate your work

This is really important, you need to look at the things you’ve made because you obviously need to have some type of work to show and market and price. By evaluating your work you are asking yourself these questions:

  • “How long did this take me?”
  • “What level of detail is this”? (Lowpoly or Realistic)
  • “How big is it?” (Stud wise)
  • “How much content is in it?” (Is it mostly environmental with trees? Or is it a big city with lots of content? ETC.)
  • “How much should I market this at?”

These types of questions will really make you think about how much YOU think it’s worth it.

Tip #2: Get Opinions

Getting opinions from other people will be probably the most helpful part of this process. Not only will it get you a different perspective it will also humble you. By getting someone else’s views on your builds you are allowing them to be in the shows of the person you are marketing your things to. So before you actually set up prices make sure to ask friends, peers, or people on the forum! You don’t want to undervalue your work! But remember at the end of the day the pricing is ALL up to you.

Tip #3: Humble and Modest

Just like on my Portfolio guide you need to make sure not to get too overly confident, you may think you are the best builder on Roblox, you may label yourself like that but in reality, you need to realize that may very well not be the case, and if you do that then you will overprice your builds and people won’t come to you or hire you.

Tip #4: Pricing

This is where you actually get to start pricing your builds. For me, I base it on size and content. What I usually say if you are fairly new to building, keep the prices relatively low to not only get the experience but to look hireable, for more experienced don’t be afraid to raise those prices. I always recommend starting out with lower prices, and slowly progressing them up as you become more popular and more known if you do get to that stage!

Tip #4: Recommendations/Final Words

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. If you think your work is more than what people are telling you go ahead and price it at that, it just may turn more heads. Like I said above I really do recommend getting commissions for cheaper and getting the experience in before jumping to big prices because by building up that experience you are just setting yourself up for future things, and also that way you have more things to show on your portfolio.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to message me, I probably forget some things so expect this to be updated if I think I did forget anything!


Commissioned you back in 2018, glad to see you’re going stronger than ever! Great tutorial.


Wow! Haven’t seen you in a while glad to hear from you again!

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