Ultra Brick Factory Tycoon - 20240223

20240223 “It’s really annoying…”


  • No longer check the badge before fade the button.
  • Reorder the purchase of walls on the first floor.
  • Halved down the price of conveyors from the 2nd floor onward.
  • Change level requirement for future research (Level 2 → Level 5).
  • Reduce overall price of Future Brick Maker:
    • Research Future Dropper: 250,000 C → 200,000 C
    • Material Mix Brick Maker: 500,000 C → 190,000 C
    • Crystal Brick Neon Liquid Brick Maker: 750,000 C → 235,000 C
    • Inferno Core Brick Maker: 1,000,000 C → 500,000 C


  • Add an extra path on the first floor (There will be some decorations there soon).
  • [Temporary] Use SurfaceGUI to display images of paintings.


Level, Exp & C Bonus

  • Change Max level (60 → 30).
  • Change Exp gained from purchase level required item (x1.25 → scale on level, max at x1.3).
  • Change C bonus from level (First level up 5,000C, 3,000C onward → First level up 6,000C, 3,000C onward).


  • Add new UI.

Other Dev’s note

  • Badge checks occasionally have a 5-8 second delay before being purchased and sometimes do not respond at all. Try to wait for a minute, then try again.
  • Sometimes, collecting C does not reflect on your interface. This can be simply fixed by purchasing an item or collecting C again.
  • For mobile devices or tablets, there is a chance that clouds might appear corrupted/glitchy. This is something that I couldn’t do anything about it.
  • Q: When is the map no longer snow-covered? A: March