1 | What rank would you like to be? (Receptionist, security, housekeeping, barista.)

2 | Why you want to work as that? (III+ Sentences)

3 | On a scale from 1 to 10, how active are you on ROBLOX?

4 | On a scale from 1 to 10, how good is your grammar?

5 | Do you have experience in any group like this? If yes, where?

6 | Why we should hire you over others? (III+ Sentences)

7 | Do you promise to follow all rules and ethics from ROBLOX?

When the interviewer is finished with the interviewee, they should tell them if they failed or passed. If they failed, let them know POLITELY. If they do not leave right away, please kick them. If they passed then they should get the session ranker to come and rank them (Ranking Team)

Once they have been ranked they must leave and if they do not leave right away, please kick them.

The Host must make sure to do a group shout stating that the session has concluded and to thank the staff who came along. They can congratulate the passed Interviewees too.

The Host must gather everyone together for a session photo which will be posted in the photo gallery channel in UM communications server for record.


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