Um i followed an "easy" tutorial for making a gfx and this happened

what do i do now. anything would help this keeps happening. To be more specific i imported the hats, making this in the image.


We can’t just help you out without context.
At least show us what part of the tutorial you are stuck.


The part when adding in the hair. the video i watched How to make a Roblox GFX in the new Blender 2.91.2 / Exporting, Texturing, Lighting (EASY VERSION) - YouTube

When you spawn in your character, make sure to check spawn at origin.


Right click the hair object, drag it onto your character using the arrows. Next time while inserting your character, tick spawn at origin.


can you show me a short video on that
im getting confused im new to everything lol

i cant move the hair. it goes in weird directions and i cant control it

Just right click it.


select the hats → right click → set origin → geometry to origin, to avoid this happenening next time check the “spawn at origin” thing

but then the hats go to the bottom.

Then, just move them back up to your head I guess?


Whip out the good ol move tool and drag it up to where it should be

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you can select move tool and then move them

Probably got the origin in the wrong place, just go into edit mode and place the model in the right place. Then in object mode, you can move it properly

In object mode, make sure your hair/head accessory is selected.
Right click it then click either snap or set origin or something.
In either, select set geometry to origin.
Idk if that is well explained but i did my best.

Right-click all the hats, click ‘set origin’, and then click geometry to orgin.

Since your answers already been answered on the replies, Now i want you to learn about Blender first. All the thing like moving object, resizing, etc. Dont just follow a GFX tutorial without a basic knowledge of how to use Blender.


Spawn it at the origin next time. (Set it’s position to XYZ 0,0,0 in Roblox studio).

Thanks, I finally got it. But the only downside now is the camera view. When i do the camera part, how do I move to the view I want?

Thanks, I did it. But the only downside now is the camera view. When i do the camera part, how do I move to the view I want?