[UM]: Update log (29/1/2020)

We keep working on the revamp of the group and especially, over the version V3 and the future V4.

Changes on the hotel (V3):

  • We have added a new zone outside to enjoy of a relaxing time with friends.
  • We have added the coming soon zone, which is a meet and greet zone.
  • We have deleted 2 slides and added 1 special over there.
  • We have fixed lots of bugs over the hotel.
  • GAME CLIENTS are working back, which means, the hotel will have always clients.
  • Working on a new script that will change the music on the V3.

Changes in the interview centre:

  • Lag improvements.
  • Added day/night cycle.
  • Other improvements.

Changes in the training centre:

  • Illumination changes.

Changes on discord:

  • Permissions.


  • You can’t imagine what is coming up on V4, but at least, let me tell you 2 things: We are NOT working yet on the training centre, due is not something really needed, we want to focus on the V4. Application centre, I hope that will be ready for next week. (We don’t know yet)