Ummm.... How long have there been ads?

I normally browse via mobile, but been using my laptop lately, and just 5 minutes ago, I noticed ads.

I dont see ads on discourse, browser? Extensions?

i wonder :stuck_out_tongue:blob.png

Adblock doesn’t appear to be blocking any ads for me.

Can someone without membership verify they get ads ? Kinda confused now.

Quickly went on Internet Explorer using NarbraWalters. No ads. Do you think you could have gotten adware?

Nope. I don’t use my laptop for anything but school and Skyrim really.

Try using ublock origin. I found it blocks more than adblock

NBC and no ads


If ad block works… then ad block works… :stuck_out_tongue:

You should probably still try to run a program like MalwareBytes.

Sounds like it doesn’t work :wink:

I worded that poorly didn’t I. Adblock doesn’t appear to be blocking any ads for me… because there is no ads to block.

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Figured it out. My extension for making links clickable updated to have ads unless you opt out.

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Gotta make money somehow. Just kidding, that’s a lame move by the developer.

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Actually, there was a notification sent by the extension. I’m just blind. It sent one when I re-enabled it after disabling all of them. So I have to assume it sent me one when I updated.

I still find extensions like that to be kinda shady. Something like injecting ads into your web browsing should be opt-in, not opt-out, if present at all.

Yeah, I’ve switched extensions for that function.