[UN] PHYSICS Division, Initiate's Handbook

Global Occult Coalition

PHYSICS Division, Initiate’s Handbook

Initiates of the Coalition,

Congratulations on your selection and consequent entrance into the Global Occult Coalition, an organization facilitated and funded by the United Nations. Your recent enlistment has brought you into a cause which is more than yourself, bigger than what even we are. We aim to protect the entirety of humanity; regardless of who they are or where they may be. You are one small part of a bigger picture, but you are one instrumental part of that bigger picture. You are not alone in this cause, but you are merely one individual in a sea of many. You are expendable, but you are not disposable.

With all this in mind, I implore you; use the knowledge contained within this Handbook to better yourself, and those around you. Our objective is all the same, we all serve the same, higher purpose. Whether you decide to embrace that or fight it is all your own choice, but the end result will be the same.

Godspeed, Initiate.

D.C. Al Fine, Director of the Coalition


The Coalition is not a mindless gathering of barbarians. We hold ourselves to certain ettiquette standards, as to maintain our professional appearance and outlook. With this in mind, there is only a few, important things to note about ettiquette, both in the field and otherwise.

Addressing Others

You will often encounter situations in which you are addressing other individuals, such as Foundation Personnel, Officers, and even Subordinates. Albeit rules for some of them line up with one another, the differences in and of themselves are fundamental and play a big part in how you represent.

Foundation Personnel

To be blunt about it; when speaking in a respectful manner to all Foundation Personnel, regardless of post, you address them as “Sir”, or “Ma’am” respectively. Albeit they are not our superiors they are to be regarded as Civilians, and not in the United Nations Chain of Command. Because of this, as well as the First Mission, they are under our protection and as such to be treated with some degree of mutual respect and kindness.


This is a simple one; if you’re addressing a Superior within the same Chain of Command as yourself, whether it be the United Nations Chain of Command, Divisional Command, or otherwise, they’re to be addressed as “Sir” or “Ma’am” respectively.


As with addressing your Superiors, this is a rather simple rule; you may either address Subordinates by Rank (i.e “Specialist”) or by their name.

Handling Yourself

For most, the subject of handling one’s self is a self-explanatory ordeal; however, for the sake of avoiding the “but you didn’t tell me” excuse, we’ll quickly review;

When handling one’s self in the presence of our comrades and foreign entities, we display ourself with pride and professionalism. In the face of mockery, we stand above as better men. Handling one’s self is a matter of self-discipline and professional display. Without these tools, we leave ourself subject to no better a fate than animals.

The Fivefold Mission

As the modus operandi of the Coalition, the Fivefold Mission dictates our actions on a day-to-day basis, as well as determines the proper response to any given situation we may face. The Fivefold Mission is not your responsibility to memorise. It is the responsibility of your leaders to guide you in accordance with it; however, it is the responsiblity of all Operatives to observe those around them and enforce the Fivefold Mission amongst themselves. Nobody is perfect, but as an organisation of individuals guiding one another towards the greater goals of humanity, we come closer to the definition of perfect every day.


The Global Occult Coalition shall hold the survival of the human race against all threats paranormal, parascientific, and paratemporal as their highest mission, superseding all others.


As knowledge of parathreats would result in mass panic and heavy casualties among the human population, the Global Occult Coalition shall conceal the existence of said parathreats from the general public.


Although considered expendable if necessary in pursuit of the First Mission, individual human beings (including operatives of the GOC) shall be protected whenever possible.


As the existence of parathreats is in itself anathema to the survival of the human race, no unnecessary risks are to be taken to ensure the survival of parathreats.


The Global Occult Coalition shall make every effort to expand the base of knowledge regarding parathreats.


With all the formalities aside, it’s likely you’re itching to get down to the dirty business of the Coalition; the liquidation of Parathreats in accordance with the 4th Mission. Allow it to be stated that, while the 4th Mission surely isn’t supercedent to the missions before it, the 4th Mission happens to be an instrumental part to the upholding of the missions that come before. With that in mind, albeit Destruction is far from a priority, it is most certainly standard procedure.

Parathreat liquidation varies on the parathreat itself. No two parathreats tend to be the same, and each tends to have its own characteristics which make it an utter pain in the rear to deal with. With that in mind, you, as an Operative of the Coalition, are to remain extremely alert and observant in these situations. Should you fail to do so, it could mean the death of not only yourself, but your entire team. You will be instructed on parathreat liquidation as your career progresses. You will find yourself knowing and analyzing situations differently than you would have otherwise as a Civilian. You will become the Coalition’s hand in the extermination of the enemies of humanity, and those who dare stand against it.


You are expendable, Initiate. No one Operative can be so heavily relied on that their loss hinders Coalition Operations at large; however, you are not disposable. Your training and equipment are a vital means to an end in the larger picture, you are not something to be tossed away at a moment’s notice. You must preserve your own life, as well as the life of those around you. Accomplish the mission, achieve absolute excellence and the Coalition will commend you.

Godspeed to you, Initiate. The work you do is vital to the future of humanity as a whole, but alas it is uncredited. You are an agent of humanity, but your home is the shadows; you will get no spotlight, no red carpet, no medal of honor from the President of the United States. The pride you take away from this is the pride you make for yourself, not the pride given to you by others.

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