Un-usual error from script

I’m getting this weird error, basically its saying Key 'item ' can not be found under class Script
Here is the screenshot showing the Items Folder and the ItemButton are clearly in the correct places.

What is the solution to fixing this, has anybody else got this erro?

Are you sure that you are coding in the right script (not in another script named ‘Script’)?

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Yes, I am certain! I have double checked.


I think it might be engine bug, can you try it in different place?

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What do you mean by that? Move this to another category?

No I mean try to put this in script in different (roblox) place for example in blank baseplate.

Alright, lol. This game is actually an empty baseplate also, Its not just this game, its happened to me before.

The scripts run fine, no errors just a visual error.

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