Unable to add new group roles (black fade without modal)

Just created a new group and wanted to add some interesting roles. However, once I click the ‘Create New’ role button the screen just fades a bit dark and no buttons appear. Not sure if it’s because the group is new or if it’s just a website error. If this is happening to anyone else, is there any way to fix it? Thanks.

This is what happens when I click the ‘Create New’ button:

I have no browser extensions installed and I’m using chrome (version 79.0.3945.79). I tested it on another group and account and it still happens.

It also does not work on Microsoft Edge.

EDIT: image It shows this on chrome and

on Internet Explorer. Even if I click ‘Show all content’ it still doesn’t work.

EDIT 2: Just tested on Microsoft Edge and it still doesn’t work. It still fades dark and doesn’t show anything.

Hey there! This is 9h60, and I am currently very confused with making roles because whenever I try it will just display my screen as black. What it is supposed to do is let me make the name, description, and permissions but all I get is a black screen.
This is the link of the group. https://www.roblox.com/groups/4753150/cHiLl-sErVeR#!/about

Here is a video of it also. https://doy2mn9upadnk.cloudfront.net/uploads/default/original/4X/3/8/4/384c87b4fa575771ac2faa4825bd024cea3bd78e.MP4
It started happening on Dec. 10 2019 at about 6:00.
Please help me with this issue! It would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:
Please note I was using iOS iPad.

This bug happens all the time when I try and is super annoying. This first started happening when my friend asked if I could add roles to his group and I took up on it. The things that reproduce it is that I go to group admin, click on roles, and click create new and I get the black screen. It only occurs in my friends chill server group.

Had the same issue with one of my groups, I was able to resolve the issue by clearing all of this on chrome which is what I use.


It seems they updated the group interface and now it works as expected.

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