Unable to add new roles to group

I am unable to add new roles to my group of 130k members, I make a new role ~every month, and today i can’t do it, even though i have 19 or so group roles (not close to the 255 limit) and I can add new roles on other groups I own, the button is just missing on the main group i’m trying to add roles to, even though I am the owner of the group.

There is at least room for 83 more roles, and the button to add new roles that should be in the bottom left is not there.
The group in question:


What chesse forgot to bring up is we also deleted an existing role but the option to add a new role was still not available.


While I can’t find an official answer, it does seem 19 is the limit for group roles from other DevForum posts. I honestly feel this limit is low, especially considering rank numbers go up to 255.

Although the fact you deleted one and still couldn’t add another does seem very weird :thinking:


Could be a bug, suggest posting in bug section if there are less than 19 active roles. Otherwise I’m afraid you’ll have to incur the limit like everyone else.

…Unless they update it; unlikely.


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…This is the bugs section. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha I didn’t notice lol. Sorry, am tired!


I just checked and the button is back again, very strange

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