Unable to add stud surface to the top of a wedge

Im trying to add the old school stud surface to the top of a wedge, but I am unable to. I don’t have access to the surface tab in properties for it and I cannot set the surface through f3x. Any ideas?

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Is it plastic material?
And can you give us some images?

Type this in your console:
(location of the wedge).TopSurface = Enum.SurfaceType.Studs

The only solution I could think of right now is just to get a file of the old roblox parts,
StudParts.rbxm (5.2 KB)

The RBXM file contains the 4 main parts, cylinder, part, circle and wedge with studs on them and you can customise the surfaces

Here’s a model if you want it

this person made a plugin to fix this issue:

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Here is an Image of the problem

I can add studs to everything but not the wedge

Turns out I was just trying to apply to the wrong face, top doesnt count as the top on wedges. I had to end up using Front.