Unable to add users to TeamCreate if their username gets filtered

In short, if a username or display name does not pass roblox’s filter. you cannot invite them to individual team create projects. the search screen just stalls indefinitely.

Step 1: Find a user whos username triggers roblox’s chat filter. my example is “bird13895300” (I guess the string of numbers makes roblox go “AHH, MIGHT BE A PHONE NUMBER”)
Step 2: try to add them to a team create project by username

Even if you try to search them by display name or UserId they’ll be excluded from the list.


Expected behavior

I expect to be able to find users of any username to be able to add them to my project.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


While I was looking into this issue, the problem stopped occurring. I believe some changes were being made to the filtering system and this was a temporary bug.

I am now able to find bird13895300 through collaborator search on my machine. Please verify on your end as well.

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This looks to be the case, thank you!