Unable to advance the pages object returned by AvatarEditorService:GetInventory()

Reproduction Steps

  • Place file:
    AvatarEditorService Bug Repro File.rbxl (87.4 KB)

  • Upon play-testing the game on the client, HTTP 404 (Not Found) error will be thrown. “Advanced to next page” will not be printed indicating the pages object did not advance at all.

Expected Behavior

AvatarEditorService:GetInventory() 's pages object returned should be advance-able.

Actual Behavior

AvatarEditorService:GetInventory() 's pages object returned does not advance when :AdvanceToNextPageAsync() is called.

The error

This is the error.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Persistent
Date First Experienced: 2023-01-09 19:30:00 (GMT + 05:30)
Date Last Experienced: Ongoing

We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for flagging!


Thanks for your report. This bug currently happens when requesting too many categories from the inventory in one request. We are looking into possible fixes for this, but as a workaround, I would recommend reducing the number of asset types you request at once.


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This should now be fixed! Let us know if you are still experiencing this issue.