Unable to cast double to token error

I’m trying to make a little messaging app, and this will obviously have to use Roblox chat filtering, so that’s what I implemented.

Here’s the function to filter text:

local function getFilteredMessage(text, fromPlayerId, toPlayerId)

	local textObject = text

	local filteredMessage
	local success, errorMessage = pcall(function()

		filteredMessage = TextService:FilterStringAsync(textObject, fromPlayerId, toPlayerId):GetChatForUserAsync(toPlayerId)


	if success then

		return filteredMessage

	elseif errorMessage then

		warn("Error occured during filtering message | ", errorMessage)

		if errorMessage == "Both users must be connected to the current server" then

			return "The user you're trying to message isn't connected to your server."



	return false


I tested running this by doing:

getFilteredMessage("hi", 2506737605, 2506737605)

When I do this, I get this error: Error occured during filtering message | Unable to cast double to token, and the function returns nil.

What is causing this to happen? Oh and, this is a server script. For now I’m just testing it by doing like I showed, to then implement my messaging.

Seems like I messed up the parameters, I should’ve left the 3rd one empty.