"Unable to cast instance to Token"

Hi, i’ve been trying to make this chat filter thing for about half an hour. I do not know what this error means, but its on this line:

	local FilterText = game:GetService("TextService"):FilterStringAsync(message, Player, Player)

Is Player variable an object under the game.Players or it’s player’s UserID?

its the Player itself, not the userid

You need to use the UserId instead of the player object itself.

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Do i need to do this for both player parameters

Yeah, do It like this:

local FilterText = game:GetService("TextService"):FilterStringAsync(message, Player1.UserId, Player2.UserId)
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that now errors with “Unable to cast double to token”

Make sure that you are using 2 different variables.

Player1 = The player who’s sending the message
Player2 = The player who’s receiving the message

but on the developer website thing it says to use the author for the 3rd parameter if its text that will stay there?


The third argument is wrong.

3rd parameter must be either Enum.TextFilterContext.PrivateChat or Enum.TextFilterContext.PublicChat or you can leave it blank and let the Roblox deal with it. You would want to leave it black unless you’re making your own chat system separate from Roblox’s chat service.


now errors with unable to cast instance to int64

Did you try to switch Player to Player.UserId on the 2nd parameter?

Please provide the modified script. So I know if you did it correctly or not.

yeah i did do that. on both parameters

Okay I checked some things and this should work:

local FilterText = game:GetService("TextService"):FilterStringAsync(message, Player1.UserId):GetNonChatStringForBroadcastAsync()

:GetNonChatStringForBroadcastAsync() is a function that applies the roblox global filter to a string.

local SendMessage = game.ReplicatedStorage.SendMessage

SendMessage.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, message)
	local PlayerID = Player.UserId
	print(Player.Name.." Sent Message: "..message)
	local FilterText = game:GetService("TextService"):FilterStringAsync(message, Player, Enum.TextFilterContext.PublicChat)
	local FilteredText = game:GetService("TextService"):GetChatForUserAsync(FilterText, PlayerID)
	SendMessage:FireAllClients(Player, FilteredText)

Switch Player to PlayerID on the 2nd parameter.

yay messages send now. but for some reason it still doesnt filter.
does it only filter in the actual roblox?

Yes, the filter doesn’t work in Studio.