"Unable to cast value to object" with Private Server Teleportation Script?

Hello, for some reason this part of my code is randomly giving me an error “HTTP 400 (BAD REQUEST)” No idea how to fix it.

local code = ts:ReserveServer(7151452783)
ts:TeleportToPrivateServer(7151452783, code, playerQueue)
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Check your place id. Is it part of the game?

Well the place isn’t a part of the game, but I did enable 3rd Party Teleports, and I own the other game, so I’d assume i’d work?

So if I am correct this is a game Id, have a try with place Id and check if it has the same error

It is a placeId, but I figured it out, like @Thanks4DaLimbs said, it needs to be a member of the place I’m tping the players to. But for some reason, now It’s telling me: “Teleporttoprivateserver needs to be passed from an array of players”, which is strange considering player queue is the array if I’m not mistaken.

So, Script must be
ts:TeleportToPrivateServer(..., code, [player])

Like so?

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Oh wait sorry I mean {}, not [] (I was using nodejs recently so… yeah)

“unable to cast value to object”