Unable to chat in all games (shift+7)

Hey there.

Seems like Roblox’s chat has gone broken recently. This is critical as I am unable to communicate with anyone at all. I’m receiving a lot of reports from my players about this as well.
Not an isolated issue as I experience the same issue in popular games like Adopt Me! or Tower of Hell.

This seems to only be an issue for users who must press “/” to start. I am one of these, and personally am unable to chat in any game, no matter how many times I reset.

My game is extremely dependant on chatting, so this is very game breaking.

This seems to have started around an hour ago.

I am running on Windows 10, PT language preset with a Razer keyboard.

Hope to see this fixed soon!


My community and I are having the same issues throughout different games. Rejoining has not fixed the problems.

Thank you for the report, we are investigating the possible cause and will get this resolved as soon as possible.


Thank you all for reporting the issue. This was deployed as a fix for another issue that we are now reverting. Should be resolved soon - apologies for the inconvenience.


Same here, I’m on Macbook Air 2017, macOS Catalina.

This should now be resolved. Please restart Roblox. Let me know if you still see issues!


Having the same issue, it’s telling me to “Tap here to chat”. Clicking that lets me chat, but there’s no other way to do it.

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Something that may contribute or help find the issue could be the chat box displaying the wrong message. I’m on my computer, usually it would say “Tap here or press “/” to chat” or something along those lines, however it says “Tap here to chat” which is usually what displays for mobile.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 2.50.03 PM

Edit: it works as expected now, however the Tap here to chat message is still there.

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Just saw the fix, my bad. It’s working fine for me now.


the chat works now, thanks :smiley:


Yassssssssssssssss :sweat_smile: