Unable to close event page on mobile

I was browsing through roblox on my mobile device and I noticed there was a new event under the events tab. I clicked on it and it led me to a game. I tried exiting the game/ returning to the previous page aka home. The problem is I keep getting stuck on this page, once I open the event I can’t close it.

Example of the issue

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open roblox on mobile

  2. Go into the events tab

  3. Click on the AVA MAX event

  4. Try to exit the page without restarting roblox

I am not sure if this was already noticed and will soon be fixed or if it’s due to the fact It’s a generally new event.

I am experiencing this 100% of the time.

The mobile devices I am using are running iOS 14 and iPadOS 14


I can easily exit out of the events page. I think the issue is rather that the “x” or back button doesn’t work. If you swipe down it will go away just fine.

The following video will show the “x” and back button first, before showing me simply swipe down.

What happens is the game will pop up even after I try to close it using methods other than swiping.

I’m using a Galaxy J7.

This has been resolved, thanks for bringing it up.