Unable to Cloud Edit newly created place?

Just today I created a new group place at this link https://www.roblox.com/games/340440838/World-1-Tangled-Island, but both me and my co-developer have been unable to cloud edit, getting

16:29:35.477 - Place ID verification failed.

and getting disconnected with the reconnect / work offline prompt. Another of our group places works fine, and moving it back to its own universe didn’t fix the issue either.

I just created a new place as well and it seems to work fine for me (owner of group) and another person who has permission to edit the place.

After a couple of hours, we gained access to cloud edit the place. Though I still don’t know the reason for this bug, so I can just hope we won’t see any more to it.

The problem seems to persist when the group place isn’t the hub of an universe. But it needs to be part of another universe in order to use LinkedSource. :confused:

  • You cannot cloud edit a place if it is not the root place of the universe (but you can cloud edit places that are not currently active)

This is one of the known bugs noted in the announcement topic. Is this the same as your problem?

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