Unable to Connect to Server

I’ve been loading ROBLOX studio for quite a while now, and it did load until white screen appear and said this, pls help, it been like this since Saturday and i need get to working again, and btw, tagokun is main account ofc. Btw this error only happened to this game (as you can see on screen)

Come on guys, pls reply, this is important

Try reinstalling Roblox Studio or verifying your internet connection. It’s very likely that the problem is on your local machine, because no similar problems were related recently.

Already but did not work, btw if you wonder, this is my error that been happening since Saturday and it only happened to this game I open as you can see onscreen, (except for local copy), however, if I attempt to make local copy version into the game, it will have the same issue as the original one. (let me get the videos)

It has the same issues even when loaded locally? If yes, it’s very likely that the problem is on your map.

If not, try copying it and publishing to Roblox with team creation disabled. When clicking to publish, you should be seeing an toggle named “Team Creation” which is enabled by default, click once to disable it.

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wait, if i disable it, i won’t be able to add someone to come and help my game?

Yeah. But that might be the solution.
Team creation isn’t 100% stable.

You can enable it later if you want to.