Unable to control character after setting player.Character

I’ve recently ran into a problem where I’m simply unable to control my custom character after setting it as my player’s character upon spawning. I’m not sure where I went wrong as there are no errors in my script and I’ve never ran into this issue before.

My method to spawn and set the player to the custom character is as follows :

First, I have a server side script with the following code to spawn the character in the workspace when a new player joins.

Using a remote event, this script then communicates with a local script under starter player scripts which sets the player’s character.

The end result of all this is me spawning with the custom character but with no control whatsoever in terms of movement. Camera is fine and I can still cause the character’s humanoid damage, but I’m just locked in place (not anchored). If anyone knows where I went wrong, please let me know!

Did you include the player’s script into game.workspace.beta?

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Not sure which script you’re talking about. If you mean all the default animation scripts, then yea. If you mean the local script in starter player scripts, then no – I don’t think it would make a difference if that script is in beta, but correct me if I’m wrong.

What I mean is for example, when you join the game your character automatically loads with the scripts and local scripts it needs in order to move. But if you did not include the scripts to move your game.workspace.beta, then your character would not move. If you had all the scripts, you can also check if the humanoid in your game.workspace.beta walkspeed and jumpspeed is set to a number

You will also need to set network ownership to give players physical control over their new character and humanoid control.

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Yea, all of those scripts should already be there. I double checked just now

I’m not familiar with setting network ownership. Can you elaborate on that?

I think you should first disable the script and local script you included in your post. Join the game and edit you character in the game and be careful not to delete any scripts or local scripts. Then, copy the character model and stop the game and paste it into workspace and rename it beta

Try changing the clothes, accessory and face ids insead

Can’t really join the game if I do that since I disabled CharacterAutoLoads. I’ve done this and it worked before, but I’m just randomly getting this error because I’m attempting to do this locally.

I’m familiar with most methods of making custom characters but I’m going the extra mile to create my own respawn logic. This is the first step of that.

You can just enable CharacterAutoLoads again or use a script

Well in that case your character might not have the animator script

It has everything, trust me on that

magical555 did you try my method?

Yea. I’ve already done this before, the character itself is not the issue. Here’s a server side script that I made using the same concepts here which still works. I can move the character properly (and respawn) w/ this script, it’s just not local.

Characters used in this script are the exact same as what I’m using right now.

I think I get it now. When you join the game, your character sets to alpha… But when you die it will be set to beta. Change the scripts back to the one that you said was working. Join the game and reset your character. If you couldn’t control your character after you reset then that means there is a problem with the beta model.
Another reason might be that you are trying to change the player’s character on the client. But changes on the client cannot be detected on the server so you should just do it on the server instead.

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Beta is a clone of alpha, just renamed. Nothing wrong with it either.

You’re probably right about the error coming from my attempt to change the player’s character on the client. However, the reason I’m attempting this is because that last script I just posted sets all players to a single character (which is super problematic). Is there any way that I can even set the player’s character on the server while still giving each player their own character?

Do you mean all the players in the game is loaded into a single character and they are controlling one single character? Or, do you mean they have the same looking character but just duplicates?

Yea, the issue was that all players controlled a single character. I want them to all have their own character.