Unable to create and publish new places - stuck with a bunch of broken baseplates

Hello! For a little while now, I’ve been experiencing a really weird issue that’s been disrupting my workflow. For some reason, I cannot create and publish new places. I can publish old games, and publish files to old games, just fine, but for some reason all new ones don’t work, and hang in the “Publish Game” menu.

Here’s my “Publish Game” menu. Note the “285” in the description, I always number my places with the number they would auto-generate as (just a habit of mine, been doing it for years). I should currently have a place titled “test” with the description “285”… but I don’t.

Instead, I have a default place numbered 285, and a long line of other baseplates that have suffered a similar fate. Some of these earlier baseplates are, actually, old temporary baseplates that Roblox decided to publish themselves… for some reason, but the newer ones are all from my unsuccessful attempts to publish files to new games. Also note the missing numbers between 271 and 277, what is up with that?

Not being able to create working new places makes making new published games very tedious, and is negatively impacting my ability to be able to make things on this platform. Does anyone know what is going on here? I could really use some help.

Have you tried using the overwrite feature and disabling team create?

Yes, I have tried overwriting them, it still gets stuck on the publishing part. I have not tried disabling Team Create on them, as I keep forgetting Roblox just enables that by default now. I’ll have to try it later.