Unable to delete Chineese Simplified language (zh-cjv) from CSV file

A while ago, when automatic translation was introduced, a new column was added to the CSV translation table labelled as “zh-cjv”, which is unable to be deleted. Here are two ways I tried to delete it:

  1. Through CSV File:

Result: The CSV upload fails:

  1. Through Localization settings in game configuration page:
  • Delete the Chineese Simplified language:

    (notice that it is written as 0% completed, although the CSV file does contain entries for this language. Also notice that this language is split into two in the Translate page:


  • Download the CSV file through the built-in Localization Tools plugin.
    Result: The column “zh-cjv” is still there (but does not show in the Localization page anymore):

Expected behavior

  1. Through CSV File:
    → The CSV file upload should succeed.

  2. Through Localization settings in game configuration page:
    → The column “zh-cjv” should be delete from the CSV file.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket in our internal database.


Hi @homermafia1!

Thanks for the report, re-adding and then removing Chinese (Simplified) from your languages list should remove zh_cjv from your localization table now. We’re currently working on resolving the CSV file upload failures in a separate issue, but this should be a good workaround for now if you just want to remove zh_cjv from your table.

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I tried the workaround and the CSV file no longer contains the “zh-cjv” column, as expected.
Thank you for keeping me updated.

I am looking forward for the CSV upload failure fix, as that’s the way I update the translations.

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