Unable to disable guests posting on group

Not sure if I should put this here or somewhere else, but I’d really like this fixed.

At some point before I came back to Roblox last last summer the toggle to allow guests posting on group walls was locked and the default set to disabled. This is fine and dandy for new groups or groups that had it disabled prior to this update, but my group had it enabled for a long time, and now it’s somehow locked as enabled.


Echo helped me try modifying the request with Fiddler but it seems like the server just entirely ignores the CanPostToWall guest permission, so it seems like I can’t fix this myself. I’ve lived with this for about two years and I’m really getting sick of it. It’s invited a lot of hit-and-run spam that I can’t do anything about.
Divine intervention would be appreciated lmao.

It would help if I linked the group oops.


Still an issue. Also having another kid spamming on my wall since I can’t lock guests out. (:

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This issue has been resolved, sorry it took so long. Post again if you still have issues disabling guest roles.
Note: The fix is one way. You can turn off permissions for the guest role that are disabled, but you will not be able to turn those permissions back on again. (excluding can view group wall, and can view group status)


Fantastic, thanks so much!


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