Unable to download previous versions of Team Create places when not place owner

When downloading previous games that I have been added to team create on I am unable to open them with studio. Opening the file with visual studio code shows the file as being filled with the following JSON:

{"errors":[{"code":409,"message":"User is not authorized to access Asset."}]}

This bug happens under the following conditions:

  • Added to a team create by another user; place is not owned by you, but you still have access to the website.

To reproduce using the BT Roblox extension:

  • Get added to a team create by someone else, and publish it.
  • Open up “Configure place” and go into the ‘Version History’ menu
  • Download any version there
  • Try to open in studio
  • Open downloaded .rbxl file with a text editor (optional if you want to view the json code)

To reproduce otherwise:

  • After looking through the source code of the plugin I have found this URL:
  • If you go into a web browser and type this in, having set the place id to a place that you have been added to team create by another account then you get this: {"errors":[{"code":409,"message":"User is not authorized to access Asset."}]}
  • However, if you set the place-id and version number to a game that you own then the file will download perfectly fine (however you will need to set the file type to .rbxl)

Video: https://youtu.be/Mw4hkPjPkBs

I do not know how long this has been happening.


This is happening to me as well. My friend made a team create and gave me access, and when I went to download a previous version from the asset manager, my studio instantly crashes and I get the same error. This is getting annoying because I cannot get assets from previous versions without telling the owner of the place to do it every time.

Same for me, maybe this error window helps.